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Brittany Cole Bush

BCB Shepherdess
Bay Area-CA
My name is Brittany Cole Bush and I am a self deemed modern-day shepherdess. Inspired to participate in the restoration of landscapes through holistic management of livestock I am dedicated to the adaptation of the ranching industry to create sustainable and economically viable businesses that support the ecological integrity of the lands we raise our animals on.

I am also passionate about the enlivening of the Sheep Industry in the west through developing new streams of revenue through stacked enterprises with contract grazing, performing services to both private land holders and public agencies. Also, by helping to set a California standard and labeling system for lamb produced, processed and distributed regionally and contributing to encouraging the local 'fiber shed' through supporting local wool producers.

I have interests in designing and managing the development of technologies to help streamline operations, monitor biological metrics on the ranch, and create better communications internally and with clients in the contract grazing world.

Working on the land to shepherd animals, people and projects is what I do and what I love.